Installation starts by marking out the vertical centre line of the roof, with another line running parallel to show the offset of alternate courses, and horizontal lines showing the exposure distance between the courses. The offset and exposure distances are both shown in the data table overleaf.

Laying the tiles commences at the eaves with a starter course, using the Prestige Elite First self adhesive material which is positioned on the offset line. The first course is nailed on top of this starting from the centre line, with the nails going through two layers of tiles, and the strips butted end to end along the roof. The second and alternate courses are placed on the offset line and worked up towards the ridge.
Used for a roof tile in every environmental situation and landscape, copper has proof of its architectural adaptability. Prestige supports naturally the balance of building Prestige is always in perfect harmony with history and the environment for every project: new build or refurbishment, residential or commercial.

Prestige. The Beauty Above All.
Through the years, architects have valued the metal as an excellent roofing material. The metal defines the realisation of a prestigious style when it links with other modern and classic materials if we use copper, a material of striking charm, we can have a better result. As time passes, the copper gradually changes colour: from glittering gold to reddish brown and finally to the green patina which blends perfectly with the environment, but the most important characteristics are strength and durability of the roof. The metal roofing, made with overlapping pieces produces a traditional effect of high class and also adaptable to different shapes of the roof. A tiled roof makes the building more interesting, elegant and simply beautiful.

Prestige. The Copper Roof of High Adaptability.
The details of a roofs: ridge, valley, eaves, gutters are realised with the product itself and fittings provided for Prestige System, always made of copper. The modern use of complex shapes needs new materials because, today roofs present a range of shapes with dormer windows and variation of slope in the same roof.

While observing the details, we have the opportunity to appreciate the value of Prestige. The difficulties and limitations, which can arise during the building of a roof, have been eliminated thanks to the flexibility of Prestige roofing tile.
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